Toby Hack (aka Jyoti, Tobito, Tobzlarone, Larone) is an Australian guitarist who has been living in Lyon France since 2013. He has 3 decades of experience within the music industry whether it’s playing live in bars, theatres, festivals or in the studio, touring nationally and internationally and also teaching many people how to play guitar for over 25 years with great results. He loves music and has dedicated his life to it and enjoys playing multiple styles including Flamenco, Funk, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal and World Music and has performed with many different groups/musicians over the years. 

Once his passion for flamenco came along in the early 2000’s he decided to move from Brisbane Australia to Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia (the south of Spain) where he studied with some of the local guitarists and spent time absorbing the lifestyle and then his new passion became an obsession. After seeing and hearing many amazing flamenco artists he then moved to Melbourne to absorb the musical culture in another part of Australia, which is where he honed his craft, mostly by playing flamenco and gypsy rumba music with multiple groups or as a soloist. He has had many different experiences over the years and has thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world, guitar in hand. 

He started some very exciting new projects in late 2019 which is where his focus is aimed for now.

Tobys' playing is expressive, refined and inspired. Flamenco guitar at its finest. ” - Kai Eckhardt (Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Steve Smith, Billy Cobham)