Toby enjoys playing/recording many different styles of music, either by himself or within his projects where he invites friends & musicians from around the world that inspire him, to perform on his compositions.

Tobito de La Rumba - Rumba/World Music

This is Tobys' full solo project based mostly in the Rumba style, where he composes, records and programs everything you hear from the guitar to the bass, percussion, and anything else you hear on the songs. His goal is to be able to do the mixing and mastering himself someday too, so then it truly is a 100% solo project. Although, there may be some guest appearances in the future ;)

Jyoti - Flamenco/World Music Fusion

Jyoti is the name of his Flamenco/World Music influenced project. He likes to mix things up and bring in a little Funk too. Whether he is playing solo, duo, trio or with his band, this group has a special sound that takes you on an aural journey around the world and beyond.

Strength of many - Heavy Metal / Rock

Heavy music was Tobys first passion and after many years of leaving it on the side, he started writing Heavy Rock/Metal again in 2018. He writes and records his ideas and then approaches friends and other musicians that have inspired him, to record drums, bass and vocals for him. Otherwise he creates instrumental songs and plays/programs everything himself.

Ruca - Pop Funk Soul Blues

Duocity - Pop, Funk